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Malki Henna Instant Cone

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Malki Mumtaz Brown is one of the finest and top selling henna in the world. It comes in a tube for ease of use and storage for long time after first opening. It’s our top selling product in many countries including Gulf countries and Russia.

It has been produced with extreme care and is Chemical FREE to avoid skin reaction or rashes and has been approved by laboratories around the world.

The design of the tube is very accurate for making any sort of design or tattoo on hands and feet with excellent colour



The longer you leave it on hands darker the colour.


This henna is ideal for marriages to decorate hands or feet.

Temporary tattoo for any sort of occasions.

Useful for any kind of cosmetic purpose.

How to use it

Before starting wash the parts of your body with soap.

After completion of decoration of the parts of your body, please wait till it dries.

Once it’s completely dry, remover the henna paste with tissue paper or a towel.

After that apply any skin cream or hair oil on the decorated parts of your body and leave it for 30 min.

Finally wash hands with water.

Look fantastic


Before use, please apply a small amount of product to the skin to check for skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. If any reactions please remove immediately.