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Lijjat Papad - 200g

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Different Flavors: Udad with pepper, Garlic, Green bean stew, Red bean stew, Plan udad, Jeera, Moong plain, Moong with pepper, Udad Special, Moong Special, Panjabi Speical, Mathia unique, Dhamta Special, Sindhi Masala.

Fixings: Urid flour, Garlic, Green bean stew, salt, Sodium, ediable vegetable oil and different flavors.

Cooking Instructions: To be singed or Roasted before serving.

Singing: Deep sear in the oil for few moments, expel from dish channel overabundance oil.

Microwaven: Microwave for 60sec approx

Broil: Roast over open fire or warmth for couple of sec, till it is prepared.